Travel Tips a Guide for Kidney Patients:

It is quite a reasonable question to ask is it possible for kidney patients to travel? Yes, for many patients

who are on dialysis or have undergone a kidney transplant, the ability to travel is important to their self-

esteem and lifestyle. That is why most doctors encourage travel when the patient's health is stable.

However, you should always consult your doctor before planning to travel. As Traveling can give a big

boost to a patient's morale and sense of well-being.

Patients have responsibilities to be done in life like Working patients will have to attend business

meetings or conferences, Older patients may have dreamed of travelling during their retirement, some

patients need to attend the family event such as a wedding, graduation or family reunion may require

travel away from home. For those people, this article provides a few tips for safe travel.

Is it possible to travel if patients are active on a transplant waiting list?

Yes, it is possible to travel if patients are active on a transplant waiting list by simply informing the

transplant coordinator about the travel plans. The coordinator will help the patients to decide whether to

be "on hold" during the trip or whether they would be able to return within a reasonable amount of time if

a kidney became available. In such cases ensure that you make some arrangements to be contacted in the

event a kidney becomes available.

What if I need to travel in an emergency?

Many dialysis centers make every effort to accommodate their patients in the event of an emergency such

as illness or death of a family member. In such cases, the centers ensure that the Dialysis records are

faxed ahead, or handed over to patients so that patients can hand-carry them. Because if the case of any

pain or discomfort you can get admitted to the nearest hospital and for reference, you can provide them

with the records.

How should patients begin to plan a trip?

Many dialysis centers have a professional staff member who is experienced in arranging dialysis

treatments away from home (transient dialysis). Choose those type of dialysis centers. Some centers will

assist patients on what to do and what not to do in making their arrangements. It is always important to

start planning at least six to eight weeks in advance. Ensure that you inform the center in advance if you

would prefer to have your treatments on specific days and at specific times. These centers are available to

you all hours in case of any queries regarding the Kidney transplant cost in India or any other

information you can contact them anytime.

Eating Tips for Kidney patients while travelling for camping and road trips:

If you are planning to spend some time in the great outdoors? Or planning for a long road trip?

Here are a few eating tips that might help you find kidney-friendly food on the go or while meal planning for


Pack a cooler that can give you more food and drink options, making fast food less tempting.

Avoid packaged and/or processed meats, as they can be high in sodium and phosphorus. If

possible, try to use fresh-cooked meats.

Instead of potato chips, try unsalted chips or low-sodium crackers.

If you’re on a fluid-restricted diet, then remember that salty food items can cause you to drink

more. So, try to avoid salty foods.

Always read nutrition labels regularly. Avoid foods high in the three P’s: protein (only if you’re

on a low-protein kidney diet), potassium and phosphorus.

Practice food safety daily. Make sure you pack well, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

Final thoughts - Plan and enjoy your trip:

Travelling can be a great way to learn, relax and reconnect with those you love. Taking a little time before

your trip to plan out your meals and snacks will pay off in the end. Making smart kidney diet choices

during your travels with the help of doctors can make you feel good and enjoy your vacation. Always

ensure you get some advice from respected dialysis centers or family doctors regarding your travelling

plans. These tips might be beneficial for patients and is a great way to avoid any serious issues while